2015 Watty Award Winner!

If you didn't know, the Watty Awards are a contest hosted by Wattpad! This year was their largest submission year to date with 75,000 entries from all over the world!

Last August, when I put The Billionaire's Bid into the Watty Awards, I didn't expect to be a winner. I joined for no other reason than, why not? Among seventy-five thousand stories, what are the chances of my story winning?

Apparently, fantastic since The Billionaire's Bid, a man x man romance I co-authored with one of my best friends A. Muse, won. We had signed up for the LGBT category but won something completely different.  An award called Cover-To-Cover! 

Winning is one thing. Being hand picked for another category that wasn't advertise is another thing all together. I find it pretty impressive that The Billionaire's Bid, a poorly edited, man love drama is so well liked. People love the story of Ethan and Carter, for some reason. Since posted, it's gained 6 million reads, almost 2 hundred thousand votes, and an unknown number of comments. All that success is owed to the fans of HonestDying!

Every one of them is fantastic. Their support, encouragement and love for the characters in the Money Talks Series is so far beyond what I have experienced before. They are as a group completely unaware of how much I appreciate them.

I wanted to take a moment to thank them from the bottom of my heart. It's not often I stop to let them know that they are the corner stone to all the success I have achieved on and off Wattpad. Maybe of them probably don't realize without them, I would be nothing.

Thank you, followers of my Honestdying and Autumn_Breeze. I love every one of you guys. Make no mistake, I read every message and comment even if I am unable to respond due to high volume. I value each and every one of you.

However, A.Muse said, "You all are assholes and liars. You're supposed to like our writing but we can't even pay you idiots to read our personal work. Go burn in the fiery depths of hell." 

I am totally kidding. He wouldn't say that, out loud. He did say, "Thank you guys for reading our work and supporting us." He might have also mentioned something about buying his boy love novel  Blood Prize, but I'm not pimping out his work for him. I will say, you guys know he's a fantastic writer so if you're in the mood for a good boy love romance, it's a book worth checking out. 

On an end note, if you haven't read The Billionaire's Bid, check it out. If you have, check out the second book in the series The Billionaire's Desire! Shepherd and Wesley's story is amazing, maybe more so than Ethan and Carter's. 

Leave me a comment below. Let me know what you have or haven't read. Which story on the Honestdying account do you like best? Feel free to contact us at anytime too! 

Autumn Breeze : Best Selling LGBT Author

Disclaimer : This is an unedited blog post. Excuse all errors found within.

Autumn Breeze

❝ Autumn Breeze is a bestselling LGBT+ author and current Radish Content Provider. She is also the winner of a 2015 Watty Award, a former Wattpad Star, with more than 70K followers on her combined Wattpad accounts @Autumn_Breeze and @HonestDying. She was featured in Cosmo in 2017 “My Lessons with the Sexy Dance Instructor," and she worked as a Freelance Writer for 20th Century Fox on, “A Cure for Wellness: Seeking A Cure.” ❞


  1. So happy that we won. Couldn't have done it without our lovely fans. Thank all of you for your support. We couldn't have done it without you.

  2. I hope your book would reach the Philippines! I totally love Ethan and Carter in "The Billionaire's Bid". And I am also loving Shepherd and Wesley too. :)

    - IDoBite (Wattpad) :) (avid g=fan here *waves* :))