In July 2020, Autumn Breeze & Ashley Chamblee published Always Oskar | Sinful Delights Book One on Radish. Always Oskar quickly gained popularity and began to climb on the LGBT+ Bestselling List. After the second book in the Sinful Delights Series, Family Values, was removed, Autumn and Ashley decided that their best course of action would be publishing Always Oskar on Amazon.

Thus, Bassett | Sinful Delights Series Book One was born! 

We are still not sure about the release date. 

As of right now, Bassett is undergoing developmental edits.

Keep an eye out for more updates.
The most up to date news can be found in Ask Autumn, my Facebook Author Group.

Autumn Breeze

❝ Autumn Breeze is a bestselling LGBT+ author and current Radish Content Provider. She is also the winner of a 2015 Watty Award, a former Wattpad Star, with more than 70K followers on her combined Wattpad accounts @Autumn_Breeze and @HonestDying. She was featured in Cosmo in 2017 “My Lessons with the Sexy Dance Instructor," and she worked as a Freelance Writer for 20th Century Fox on, “A Cure for Wellness: Seeking A Cure.” ❞

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